Breaking Down the Stigma That Different is Weird

Every child deserves to see themselves as the hero of the story. But first, they have to see themselves IN the story. Our coloring book for kids does just that; it offers a platform to 30 different stories which need to be shared on a large scale!  We offered this inclusive coloring book for kids with kids in mind. We set out to create it for a few reasons:

  • Representation matters. Kids should see themselves in all forms of entertainment, including children's books, coloring books for kids, dolls, movies, and tv shows.
  • The more we include children with disabilities across all platforms, the more we normalize our differences.
  • We then show children that it’s normal to be unique--so we can break down the stereotypes around disabilities. 

I think we underestimate the importance of sharing our differences with each other. Communicating our experiences as who we are is SO incredibly valuable. It is relevant and important to creating a more inclusive world--more accepting of diverse characteristics. For me, I saw a gap in the book and coloring book arena that needed to be filled with something new. There was a lack of children's books about diversity and inclusion. I wanted both of my children--one with a disability, and one without--to be encouraged by book forms of media. 

That is why I created “No Such Thing, (inclusive) Coloring Book.” I felt compelled to do my part to fill up this space with a product that children could really benefit from. Now, my kids have an example before them--and an opportunity to learn about the world, while having fun at the same time. 

Our coloring book for kids has 60 pages filled with photos and stories of our friends from all over the world. Each of these pages is printed in black and white, allowing you and your little ones to bring each of these stories to life! Color is life-giving. Not only are coloring books enjoyable for children, but they also have the opportunity to teach us something. As children color these pages one by one, they are learning the story of another child. They bring life to these stories, and in turn, a child’s story deposits something in them. Here at No Such Thing, we believe that this beautiful exchange is extremely meaningful in kids’ lives. We strive to create a perfect blend of fun, education, and learning in our coloring book, and all our products! 

Our products are perfect for classroom settings, fun on-the-go, or in your home! From all of us at No Such Thing, thank you dearly for helping us spread the message of inclusion, kindness, acceptance and friendship.