Disability Book Week 2023

Did you know over 15% of the world’s population has a disability?!

ANNNND did you know inclusion starts with us-Teaching our kids about disability inclusion is essential for creating a more inclusive and accepting world.

we know that sometimes conversations around the topic of disability can be complicated. But it really doesn’t have to! We believe that starting the conversations at home, and at a young age can be the best way to expose our children to the beauty of everyone and the diverse world that we live in. Disabilities and differences don’t have to be a scary thing, but we must present them to our children in a way that they understand. And what better way than books in our own home!

We wanted to share our top 5 favorite books (in the DeJarnett Den) in celebration of Disability Book Week! We hope that you would consider purchasing from any of our amazing author, friends!

1. Different, A Great Thing To Be by Heather Avis

2. Image Bearer by Ellie Sanazaro

3. Likes Me by Laura Wifler

4. When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb

5. No Such Thing As Normal by Megan DeJarnett

Happy Disability Book Week!!