I’m starting a thing - #TakingBackTuesday
I hope to take a word that we have intentionally OR unintentionally created a negative association with and bring some hope and light and change to.

My first one - DISABLED

I could actually talk about this for days but I’ll keep it short for Instagram.
I’m disabled. I’m not ashamed or scared to say it but it’s probably because I’ve lived with it my entire life.
But what about the mom who got a new diagnosis or the young adult who got their results back and their future feels altered and out of their control.
Why is the word DISABLED seen as negative? It can be associated with incapable or less than, broken or limited.
Does having a disability have challenges? It can, but doesn’t every human life?
I think it’s interesting that TODAY my beautiful sister @kait.younger received her diagnosis for the first time. (Go to her page and read her story about it.) Though she has known nothing different being around me and our brother it was still something she had to come to terms with. I’m so incredibly proud of her. It takes bravery to walk this out. But I hope to help people become more comfortable with these real terms and take away any shame that could be holding them back.

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