I Can't Do Nothing

This has been my motto lately. In motherhood, in wifey-ing and especially in building this new business. If we want to see good things or we want to see change we can't sit around and do nothing about it. It DOES NOT mean we have to be perfect at it or have all the answers. We must simply show up, do our best and never give up.
I remember having helpless feelings when we got Bronx’s diagnosis. I remember feeling like ”I can't do this, I don't know how to help him” And the truth was I didn't have the answers. BUT I do my best, fight hard for what he needs and give him all the love we can. And we have seen such amazing things with him. Not because I knew the answers but because I love that boy and did what I could. ⠀⠀
I know we can't make the world a perfect inclusive, accepting place but we can do our part in trying to help others see the beauty in everyone. ⠀⠀
I never planned to be a children’s book author, or launch a brand but I couldn't just do NOTHING

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