Meet in the Middle

MEET IN THE MIDDLE // The other day we asked Shai, “Shai how can you show Bronx you care about him but in a way that Bronx would understand ?” and he said “I would get on the floor and crawl around like him to play!”

To say I had a huge #proudmom moment would be an understatement. We never ask Shai to slow down for Bronx or change his ways. We tell him he can run fast and jump high even if Bronx can’t; but his sweet little 4 year old heart still meets his brother right where he’s at. Bronx is the older brother but about 2 years ago Shai passed Bronx on a few developmental levels. However, Shai doesn’t see the difference. Whether Bronx can run around with him in the yard or climb up a tree with him he loves HIM FOR HIM.

One area we would love to pour into is Special Needs Siblings. There are things only siblings of special needs kiddos will understand. Things that my two able-bodied brother and sister understand. Guilt. Sadness. Shame. Confusion. We hope to help foster the beauty in these relationships. Our hope is for them to be full of Joy. Understanding. Laughter and some of the most beautiful relationships on this planet.

Let’s show some love for Siblings of Special Needs kiddos. Tag them below!

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