Tiny Team Love: Children’s Books About Diversity and Inclusion

One of the ways we love to spotlight little ones with disabilities is by featuring Tiny Team members on our platform throughout the week. We have created a space to share these childrens’ stories, and impact our audiences. Some of the Tiny Team members we have featured have down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. We feel honored to have the chance to celebrate these kids, and everything that makes them beautifully unique! Not only that, but they are ambassadors for children’s books about diversity and inclusion. We created inclusive children’s books on purpose, for children that needed to be included. We are incredibly happy and grateful to see their kids have a space of their own in the children’s book sector! 

We firmly believe all stories matter. You’ve been given a life; therefore, you’ve been given a story. And every story deserves to be heard! That is why we firmly believe in creating inclusive children's books, that will open up children's eyes to the simple truth that they matter, and are created beautifully. 

Here are a few snippets of stories we’ve shared that we just love.


Meet Miles! Miles is one of the 20%. Miles is a fighter. From the moment of fertilization, all babies that have Down Syndrome begin the fight for the life that they now live! This handsome little human has an extra chromosome, meaning he has Down syndrome. But in Mile’s mothers words: “Miles’ extra chromosome has pushed me to be more aware, to be more kind, and to see how many beautiful wildflowers there are in the world! They not only overcame one interruption in life, but thousands- which in turn makes them super beings!”


Fun fact- Rhys’ name is Welsh therefore it is pronounced Reese!

Last year, Rhys was diagnosed with SMA type 1 but has not let it slow her down one bit. Instead, after her diagnosis, it has encouraged Rhys and her sweet momma to get involved in the SMA community and advocate for inclusion and acceptance! She partnered with No Such Thing to raise funds for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. 


Charlie and Milo are 5 year old twins who both have a diagnosis of Down syndrome. And look how cute they are!

Charlie is brave, athletic and noisy! He loves any type of sport, roaring like a dinosaur and snacks. Milo is affectionate, creative and silly! He loves music, swinging and snacks. Both boys love to read books! When they find a favorite, they love to hear it again and again. Does anyone else’s little ones do this??

In fact, Charlie’s reaction to our book, No Such Thing As Normal, was to say and sign “Again!” We were told by Charlie and Milo’s sweet momma that the boys loved reading about all the different people that the brothers Shane and Brody met throughout the story. They asked their parents questions and their mom added that they learned so much when adults let them know that it is okay to be different – there is no one way to be that is “normal.” 

The boys have such a sweet momma that shares our heart for inclusion and acceptance!

Her hope is that by sharing Charlie and Milo’s adventures, they can help others realize that differences are what make us all unique and beautiful! 

We are all different.

We are all uniquely made.

We come from different cities.

We come from different backgrounds.

We parent our children differently.

We have different ways of disciplining and educating our children.

We even share different beliefs.

But- there is one thing that doesn’t separate us but instead unites us.

Our stories.

All Stories Matter.

Sure, so maybe your story doesn’t read the way you had hoped it would but no matter the journey, IT’S YOUR STORY!

Don’t allow yourself to write off your story just because it doesn’t look like the other mom’s on Instagram or in your play group.

Your story matters.


You never know what sharing your story could do for others... or for yourself.

Grab yourself a copy of one of our inclusive children's books today!